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Tiktok food hacks, easy cake and cookies, mini pizzas, 2 ingredient snacks, microwave mug donuts, salads, lunches, snacks and much more! Welcome to the best baking site you ever saw! New recipes every day!

Hi I’m Riri and I love cooking!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE anything to do with cooking or baking. Whether it’s a big cake or a tiny salad, I enjoy every bit! I’ve baked birthday cakes and giant cookies and leafy salads and tasty pittas! I have baked a cake in 20 minutes, learnt how to properly cut lettuce and even invented new meals. Yes, it’s been crazy to get to the skill level I’m on now. But beleive me it’s worth it.

I’ve been cooking for ages, and I still remember my first salad. I can explain it to you now. I’d ripped up a lettuce (yes, I hadn’t cut it), put it in a bowl with some whole cherry tomatoes and mixed in some chopped carrot. Nice? Maybe… Instead of dressing I’d squeezed on some mayonnaise and told everyone I’d made lunch. Yum! Now I make salads with CHOPPED lettuce and halved tomatoes, crunchy cucumber and homemade dressing! I’ll teach you how to be an amazing cook with tips, tricks, hacks, recipes, guided and more. I hope you enjoy!

Enjoy! Riri 🙂

Happy October!

October is here which means time for pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkins and Halloween of course! I’ve got loads of great recipes for October including salads, drinks and how to make a pumpkin spice latte! I’m really looking forward to this October becuase who doesn’t love pumpkins. Let’s start this October with some tasty recipes for family and friends and some healthy, easy to make meals! Let’s go!

Pumpkin spice latte.

Some Of The Latest Recipes...

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