colourful flower field with rainbow bunnies

🧁🐰🍍Super Cute! | Audible Book Review

Last night I was listening to a podcast and finally when I got into bed, it took endless and endless scrolling on Audible to find a story to listen too whilst I was going to sleep. Yes, it takes me so long to find a book to read or listen to. It has to be an adventure but not too confusing. A book with cute characters but not too boring. A book that is fun but not too colourful. I don’t know why but I am an extreme perfectionist. But finally I found a book (yes I actually found one) called Super Cute. It wasn’t too expensive and it had two books in one! Press play and let’s begin…

This story is set in a whole world of cuteness and kawaii! Their are funny bunnies who perform acrobatics. mini wearing multi-coloured wellies, sushi mice that curl up in the middle of sweet selling flowers…so we’ve got the cuteness, right? So when I hear something like this, apart from the cuteness, I think of some of those stories that are quite boring. They’re full of mermaids, princesses, bunnies, unicorns…but the plot isn’t very exciting and it’s the same for most stories like it. Something’s missing and the bad person has stolen it. I don’t know…it’s just not too exciting. However, although this book – and some other books I read – still had a similar plot but somehow managed to make this book still so fun and exciting! There were even different voices and personalities for each character, plus the plot was really fun but still quite thrilling.

Both Super cute books

But there’s more reasons why you need this book! The best thing is is that it has everything you need in a great story:

  1. Cute characters
  2. Exciting plot
  3. Amazing description

I really think you’ll enjoy this book if you use Instabunny, because, as you know, the Instabunny community consists of a whole load of kawaii fans! Let’s meet some characters:

  • Pip, the karate ninja pineapple Well have you ever heard of that? Pip is a great friend and a ninja, at the same time.
  • Lucky, the lunicorn Yes, a lunicorn! A unicorn that’s horn lights up in the moonlight plus the leader of the friend.
  • Cami, a magic cloud A cloud that when you squeeze her, super cute animals appear!
  • Sammy, the sloth A super clever sloth friend who is an amazing friend too!

I’ve only met a few characters so far but I’ve got a really great picture of what the land looks like!

colourful flower field with rainbow bunnies

Let’s have a look at the review put on the page…

Prepare to enter a whole world of cute! Funny bunnies who perform acrobatics, mini pigs wearing multi-coloured wellies, sushi mice that sleep curled up in the middle of sweet-smelling flowers. The world of cute is the most adorable place ever…but the friends you’re about to meet like to cause chaos in this world of cuteness!

Sammy is the most un-sloth-like sloth that you’ll ever meet! He is always busy and excited, but today he can hardly contain himself. He’s having a sleepover at the museum with his friends and has so many things planned, from treasure hunts to midnight feasts! But when someone tries to sabotage the sleepover, it’s up to Sammy and his friends to work out who is causing trouble. And does it have something to do with Clive the tutu-wearing chihuahua?

I think you should definitely try this out because even though you may not have such high expectations at first, it’s an amazing kawaii adventure for an ultra fun bedtime!

unicorn wearing glasses and reading a book<– Be like unicorn here and listen to this book!

🦄Go on, just try it! Click the unicorn to fly over to it…unicorn wearing glasses and reading a book


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