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Welcome! I'm Riri, the head and founder of Instabunny and a bunny lover, gamer, skateboarder and pianist! I started Instabunny with not very many plans but now I've finally got a finishing point and I'm super excited to say it's looking pretty amazing so far!

Instabunny has been around since 2020 and OMG, I wish I had a picture to show you what it used to look like. It has changed and improved so much! I have learnt so much about building sites, and, with a lot of help and experiments, I can almost build websites on my own, which brought me to building my second website.

Apart from Instabunny, I also have a lot of different accounts on things, including owning a podcast and an Instagram account, which are super fun to work on too! I also had a Tumblr blog at one point but I deleted it.

After one year, I think Instabunny looking quite amazing! Thank you very much to all of you amazing users, shoppers, contributors, helpers...you are an important part of the Instabunny community and you are one of the main reasons Instabunny is looking so great!


What is Instabunny?

Instabunny is a website for all! We haven't figured out what we're doing but we're mainly a blog. Are best part is this...

Post Moderation!

We can't 100% guarantee this but post of our posts are moderated before being uploaded!

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