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Amazing new website for reviews!! is a website that lets you write and read reviews. This website is super easy and simple to use and you don’t even need an account for anything. You can submit as many reviews as you like, about games, movies, toys and more. Share What You Like was created by a user on Instabunny too called JJ.

My review on is 5 stars. I love the layout and how it is so simple to use. You don’t need accounts or anything and I think this is good because this should get more people to write reviews even if they’re not tech geniuses. I’ve already submitted a review about Pokemon Sword, and it’s already been sent in!

The layout of the site is really fun too – it is super colourful and quite simple too. Even though it is quite simple, it is very clever.

I think you should definitely go and check out this website to write, read and share your own reviews! Well done to, your website is looking amazing, keep going! I can’t wait to see it when it has loads of posts, I’m sure that won’t be a long time. Will you go and write a review? The link is below, go check it out!

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