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Create a Water park in your Garden!!

My very first splash post so I’m super nervous!! I hope you enjoy reading this!! Splash is a new part to Instabunny that will get summer started:D Basically, it is full of things to do this summer including crafts and layout ideas!! Today, I’m going to be telling you how to build a water park in your garden that you and your family can enjoy. I wanted to share this because I made one in my garden and it is so fun running it feels like i’m in an actual water park on holiday!!!! Enjoy 😉

Number 1First you will need a paddling pool, towels and swimwear and some floaty toys and inflatables plus anything to do with water really XD You will need to set the pool up in the middle of the garden you can put some of the inflatables inside of the pool and create some mini steps from logs or a step stool You can add a Hot tub next to it too which you can surround with tropical plants

Number 2Next it is time to make your swimwear shop! You can use an old picnic bench and a clothing rail. Just lay out the swimwear and some inflatables on the bench and you can fold up some towels to. Then hang the rest up on the clothing rail and maybe add a till too!! You can also add extra decorations and maybe some old toys to your shop.

Number 3Now it’s time to create your bar! I didn’t actually do this because I just used the kitchen XD Just take a bar or table and chair and load up your snacks!! You can add fairy lights and old cupboards to store things in. Then add a music player to play music! You can also scatter other music players around to keep up the party!!

Number 4Now you will need a campsite for people to sleep over! Simply place around some tents and maybe chuck a few items inside XD Then put up a sign that says campsite  so people know where they are. You can even create booking forms so that people can book your campsite.

Number 5Dining area! This is where people eat food that they can get from the bar! Start by placing a table and chairs then add some plants around and a BBQ for tasty meals!! You can place this on your patio and you can add a serving table where people can collect their food from like a buffet.

Number 6Now it’s time for a petting zoo! You can skip this step if you don’t have any pets btw. Just place some wooding planks next to your pet hutches and some little boxes of pet food so that your customers can feed the pets. The wooden planks work as little benches so that people can sit down to stroke the animals.

Number 7A changing room! Visitors can bring there swimming costumes and get changed here. Start by placing some wooden planks and some chairs or benches. Add some towels and swimming costumes plus decorations and plants. Yayyy! We have completed it!!

Thank you so much for reading to the end and make sure to keep updated and write your requests and ideas in the forum! I love my water park in my garden and it’s super fun to run and play with! Instabunny XX🥰


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