Elf Movie Review

After hearing about the film ‘Elf’, I immediately wanted to watch it. I didn’t know the plot or anything, but it seemed to be so popular that that didn’t really matter to me. So, yep, I watched this movie and was extremely surprised. Not only was it not as good as I thought it would be – it also seemed to be so different to how it looked. It looked as if it would be extremely funny and have a better plot. I’m saying this because the plot of it is: A human thinks he is an elf and then arrives in the real world. He is always happy and fun – like he was in elf land – but not everyone is jolly too. I have seen several Christmas films with a similar plot: ‘The Christmas Chronicles’, ‘Noelle’, ‘The Nightmare before Christmas’ and ‘Enchanted’. Yep. It’s a popular plot as you can see.


This film starts in Elf-Land. A human who is raised by elves travels to the real world to search for his long lost dad – still acticing as a happy, jolly elf. Everyone elf (See what I did there?!) is not as happy as him. No way. He finally finds his family, happy to see them – his dad, however, isn’t too happy to see him. Join Buddy the elf on his adventure in the real world! What adventures will he get up to?

Personally, I’ve given this film 3.8 stars. Why? Because it wasn’t as good as I thought it would be – but it was very funny and in my top 10 Christmas movies. Tell me what you thought of ‘Elf’ below!

What do YOU think of Elf?

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