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Happy 1st Birthday Instabunny!

From a blog to a social network to a blog to a social network back to a blog to a social network and now a website builder…Instabunny is finally one year old! Instabunny was created on pancake day in 2020 and started with very short, few sentence posts. The posts got longer and now it has several more users, posts, features, uploads and much more. The first thing Instabunny started as was a tiny little blog website until it transformed into a social network, now Instabunny is a website builder, where we build websites for people who want one of their own.

I would like to give some shoutouts to some of the most active Instabunny users! The ones who have contributed most used Instabunny most, been online most, helped out most or done something on Instabunny that deserves a shoutout. I have picked out the most active and here they are.

First is @mimi. Mimi is one of the users who registered for Instabunny without being told about it directly by me. She found out about Instabunny from a YouTube video and registered! Thank you so much! Check out their YouTube here:

Next up is @dadface. Dadface helped out with loads of Instabunny including the design and technology. I couldn’t have started Instabunny without them! Loads of Instabunny was done by dadface, and they have been a user since the very beginning. Thank you soooo much for helping out at Instabunny.

Finally is Bella-Brain. Bella-Brain has been practically the best and most activeInstabunny user. They have been the only Instabunny user to write a post, and one of the only users to customize their profile and chat in forums and the user who has contributed the most. Thank you so so so much Bella-Brain! You have used Instabunny so much! To read the post that Bella-Brain wrote, click here and type the password: BELLA-BRAIN2021!

Now finally I wanted to tell you that now Instabunny posts are all private and cannot be read any more. But to thank you all for reading to the end of this post, I have a way you can read Instabunny’s old posts. We’ve picked out some of Instabunny’s best posts and turned them into password-protected posts. You need to head over to the blog page and click on the post you want to read then enter the password: INSTABUNNY2021! and you can read them. All posts will be available to read until the end of March so you have a while to read your favourites! Thank you so much for reading and using Instabunny, happy birthday Instabunny!

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