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Honey Review | Why Is Honey So Bad?

You’ve probably heard of the chrome plugin Honey, right? It’s an ad in so many YouTube videos, but does it actually work as expected? Well here’s what I think:

So when I first saw Honey I thought: I can save this much?! Well who wouldn’t? You see the ad and you see people saving 100s of pounds on ‘thousands of different sites!’ I kept seeing adverts and people saving so much money…I just really thought: I NEED HONEY.

The ads were all quite different but both were going on about how you can save loads of money. I can save money on pizza, I can save money on phones…the list went on.

I downloaded it and most people would think: “Wooo!! I’m going to shop so much and they’ll be more savings for me!” Uh no. My thoughts became nowhere near reality when I saw it! Here’s my review on Honey…

The first thing I did was ‘install Honey is two clicks!’ Then I just waited until I wanted to do some shopping. When I did, I went to the checkout, about to buy these £100 shoes. In my head: Ooooh I’m so excited! I’m going to practically get them for freeee! So I just sat there waiting for Honey to do what it is supposed to do. Save me money.

I finally felt like I was in one of the ads when the tiny, cute, adorable (did I mention super cute??!) coin appeared and Honey started searching for coupons! I was so excited to see the results. How much would I save? £10? £25? £50?

Then of course, it didn’t work. Apparently, Honey had already found the best price for me. I’D ALREADY FOUND A COUPON CODE THAT WORKED FINE BEFORE HONEY SAVED ME £0.00

I tried Honey again on another site and the same thing happened!



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