How to Become a Successful TikToker

TikTok! An extremely popular platform for video sharing, following, liking, commenting and more! There are so many TikTok accounts and so many popular accounts, too. You can watch your friends videos and they can watch yours, it’s basically a social media for one minute clips. There is so much to do! TikTok is somewhere were there is something for everyone…tips, funny things, jokes, tutorials, action videos, tricks and more, so it makes sense to head over to there and put your YouTube channel or Instagram on there too or business, to find a few more people who’d like to see what your doing. Also, with over 1 billion users and being available in over 150 countries, TikTok is the place to find more people to visit your website or YouTube…and fast!

However, loads of people think setting up an account, posting videos whenever they want and not working very hard will somehow trigger some magic that gives you an immediate 100 followers. It’s not that easy! Becoming a succesful TikToker takes hard work and dedication. Do you think you have what it takes to become a popular TikToker?

1 USE HASTAGS Let’s compare. I set up a TikTok and used about 10 hashtags on each video and each video got about 150 views and 10 likes. When I didn’t use hashtags for an Instagram account I got 3 likes and 10 followers. Now, I know there is a difference but avoiding using hashtags gets you barely any views, likes, comments or followers! It’s like when you type into YouTube: Cute Bunnies, a whole load of cute bunnies comes up! Then, if you use #dog on TikTok, dog videos will come up! Use as many hashtags as you can, and you will get, like double the views and likes you already get. Trust me.

2 FOLLOW TRENDS Have you seen all those dances on TikTok? Or all those challenges that you can do with your pets? These are trends, and they are so popular! Try to post videos of what other people like, not just you. Like if you play this really-unpopular-that-nobody-knows-about video game, sure you can still play it, but nobody will really want to watch it. People love dog videos! So start posting videos of your dog. Try to post things that everyone likes to watch, that you think people will enjoy. Need help? Google TikTok trends for ideas.

3 BE SPECIFIC Now. Hands up if you like cake. I like cake! And a whole load of people on TikTok do too! By using the #cake, unless your really popular, your video will probably be close to the bottom of when people search for cake videos. Are you baking a chocolate fudge cake? How about #chocolatefudgecake? Try using lots of hashtags from ones with 100 posts to ones with 1 billion posts! This way, you can make sure you are noticed.

4 BE PATIENT AND HAVE FUN Believe it or not, it takes years to get 1 million followers. But don’t let that put you off. You must be working hard and being patient…but still having fun. I run a TikTok account for my two dogs and I really enjoy recording the videos and posting them, if your not enjoying it, just stop.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope this helped! Have an amazing day and see you later.

My TikTok: @ripandrock

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