Getting new YouTube subscribers.

How to get LOTS of YouTube subscribers

Need a few more subs? These tips should get you some more subscribers. I hope you enjoy reading this post 🙂

1. Quality>Quantity

There is ABSOULUTLEY no point in just recording and uploading. Okay, there is some point. But you are more likely to get subscribers from posting one video that is edited, has a thumbnail, a great title and description and has good content rather than daily videos that aren’t very good quality.

2. It’s not just YOU who picks the content

If you love playing this game, but it’s not very popular, I recommend NOT uploading it. This is because not many people will watch it. If you upload a video on how to beat a level, and it’s a level on a unpopular game, not many people will want to watch it, because not many people need to know how to beat levels on games they don’t play.

3. Be patient, and never give up!
Subscribers don’t just fall from the sky. No, no, no. You have to work hard on your channel. Believe it or not, it takes about 2 years to get 1000 subscribers. So if you want to be a famous YouTuber, you’re gonna have to never give up, be patient and try your best! YOU CAN DO IT!!

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