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How To Make Buttercream! (And all the different flavours)

Hi guys! BUTTERCREAM. Yes, it’s great. SO many flavours, uses, styles and colours. I love buttercream. I always use it to make cakes and cupcakes. I love it! But how DO you make the PERFECTTT buttercream? And how to I make a delicious flavour? Well, don’t go anywhere else. I’m going to tell you just how to make your perfect buttercream whether you’re going to decorate a cake, ice a cupcake or just, um, eat it with a spoon. ( I don’t really recommend it…)


First we’ll make a base. Then we can add colours and flavours!

You’ll need double the amount icing sugar that you use of butter. That means, if i had 300g butter, I’d need 600g icing sugar. Or if I had 500g butter, I’d need 1000g icing sugar. Or if I had 100g butter, I’d need 200g icing sugar. Or if I_ you get the point.  Make sure to sieve the icing sugar! If it’s too thick, add more butter or a splash of milk.


Chocolate: Use tablespoons of cocoa powder until you have the right flavour that you like.

Vanilla: Add teaspoons on vanilla essence until you like the taste!

Strawberry: Puree some strawberry than sieve the mix to remove the seeds. Mix this in but be aware that this will make the mix more runny so you might want to add more icing sugar.

Salted Caramel: You can buy salted caramel icing sugar!

Oreo: Mix in finely crushed Oreos.

Biscoff: Add tablespoons of Biscoff spread (yes, it’s a thing!) and finely crushed Biscoff biscuits until you get a tasty flavour.

Peanut Butter: Add tablespoons of peanut butter until you like the flavour.


Just add drops of your choice of coloured food colouring until you get a colour you like.

Hope this had help you improve your buttercream! Send me your photos of your buttercream to riribunni@gmail.com or message them to me through Instagram at @instabunnybaking. Any photos sent I will share on Instabunny’s Instagram! Or be sure to tag Instabunny’s instagram so I can see!

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