Instabunny 2020 Survey

Welcome to your Instabunny 2020 Survey

Which of the following best describes how you use Instabunny?If more than one or none applies, select the one that you think fits best.
How likely are you to recommend Instabunny to a friend of family member?1 - Not at all likely
10 - Very likely
What's the best thing about Instabunny?
What's your least favourite thing/what you think could be improved about Instabunny?If you are not sure, skip this question.
How did you first find out about Instabunny?
How long have you been using Instabunny?
Which of the following is your favourite part of Instabunny?
What is your age?
What do you identify as?
Where are you located?
What devices do you use Instabunny on most?
Will you (truthfully!) continue to use Instabunny frequently?
Do you enjoy using Instabunny?
Do you have anything else to add?

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