Rainbow salad

Rainbow Salad | Salad Rainbow!

Yes. It’s another salad. But hey? Who doesn’t love delicious salad. I love it! It’s very tasty and it tastes great! However, if you’re not a fan, this salad is so nice you’ll finish with it being your favourite meal. Let’s add a splash of colour to our food with a rainbow salad.

Serves 2

Time: Under 30 mins.


  • a pack of cherry tomatoes
  • 1 orange pepper
  • a large tin of sweetcorn
  • some chopped lettuce
  • half a large cucumber
  • red onion


1. Chop the tomatoes in halves and place them in the salad bowel, pushed to the far left in a line.

2. Chop the orange pepper and arrange them in a line too.

3. Chop the red onion, drain the sweetcorn and cut up the cumber and arrange all the veggies until you have a rainbow pattern.

4. Enjoy the tasty rainbow!

Hope you guys all liked this recipe! Send me your photos of this salad if you make it to riribunni@gmail.com or message them to me through Instagram at @instabunnybaking. Any photos sent I will share on Instabunny’s Instagram! Or be sure to tag Instabunny’s instagram so I can see!


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