An anime bedroom

Summer Bedroom Layout

Hope everyone’s having a happy Monday 🙂 Today I’m going to be telling you all how to create a Summer themed bedroom with tips to keep you cool and give your bedroom a summer vibe. 🙁 LET’S START 😀

Number 1First we’re going to start by changing up your bed! Start by removing your large pillow and swapping it for two small ones. Then, remove your duvet and swap it for a silk cloth. This should keep you cooler. Then fill up an empty spray bottle with water and put it on your nightstand. You can spray this on yourself when your hot, however, you only need to spray it on your feet as that will cool down your entire body!! So if your cold, just warm up your feet!! You can add some little fairy lights or string decorations, it looks really cute!! As well as that, make sure to use summery bedding and remove large plush toys and large pillows.

Number 2Next up is your desk! Start by placing a desktop fan on it. This is a fan that doesn’t have a stand on it so is quite small. Next, you can paint a jar or empty can will orange, yellow or blue paint since they are super summery colours. This will be your pencil pot. Then just fill it will orange, yellow or blue stationary. You can also use a plastic cup as a pencil pot too. You can decorate the walls with motivational posters and fairy lights and you can scatter some paperclips on your desk too since loads of desk photos on pinterest do that and it looks cute! For the empty spaces on your walls, you can print out some screenshots from your favourite video games and frame them! It isn’t very summery but it looks fantastic.

Number 3Now it’s time to decorate your dressing table! Start by decorating it with little fairy lights! Then put all your makeup brushes in colourful plastic cups. You can use little oraganizers to store other pieces of things you don’t know where to put. Then place a mirror there and decorate!!


Thank you for reading!! I hope you keep reading Instabunny posts!! There is lots more to read – just pick a category you want to read about. You can then comment on it and share your opinion on your own social page!! Enjoy your summery room! If you don’t have a dressing table or desk you can just spread the design ideas throughout your whole room. RhiRhi XX

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