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Top 3 Tips to NOT be Addicted to Your Phone

Being on your phone not for too long is super important, especially if you have a time limit. Here are 3 tips to not be addicted to your phone:

1) Have a reason to go onto your phone. Let’s say you want to scroll through Instagram. Say it aloud to yourself: “I want to scroll through Instagram.”, does that sound productive? I didn’t think so. Only go on your phone for a GOOD reason.

2) Don’t let your phone be addictive. Going onto your phone to find a super addictive app on your home screen can make it super easy to become attached too. Try to hid apps in folders or at least not on the first page of the home screen, plus, if you have ios 14 installed, you can hide apps in the app library.

3) Only get apps for good reasons. Install apps that you have a good reason to install, for example, you might install an extremely addictive game because you go on the train everyday and get quite bored. Another good idea is to install apps from trusted brands like Nintendo or Facebook.

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