Top 5 Tips to Reduce Clutter

Keeping organised and reducing clutter is super important. Here are 5 tips to reduce clutter and stay organised:

1) Do you use it? Think of clothes that you never wear but you still keep. You’re probably thinking ‘I’ll wear it someday’ but you probably won’t. Get rid of things you don’t use, and if you’re unsure, get rid of it.

2) Is it useful or significant? One of two things, is it useful? Do you use it all the time? If not, get rid of it. Or is it significant? Is in inherited from someone else of just something you love, and could never imagine getting rid of?

3) Keep things neat. So many people just stuff something into a tiny hole in their room and yup, their house gets messy and cluttered. If it’s going to ruin your house or bedroom, get rid of it.

4) Think of benefits. Stop thinking of all the bad things that could happen when you get rid of these, start thinking of the GOOD. Like getting rid of it will give me more space and I can get more things.

5) Is it obviously clutter? Sometimes we just pick up something and we can see that it isn’t useful, fun, significant or another reason to keep it. Like some old writing on paper or a messy sketch, sometimes we just know it needs to go.

6) Don’t think too much about it. Sometimes we overthink things. Stop going ‘What if?’ or ‘But it could be useful!’, start thinking it’ll be tidy, neat and I can get new things. Just bin it. You probably won’t notice it’s gone, anyway.

Notice how I haven’t been using the word ‘bin it’, this is because it is much better to donate things then bin them. Plus, recycling things doesn’t always make sure they are turned into new things, sometimes they’re just added to landfills. Try to donate them, sell them (if they’re still like new of good quality), give them to friends (just not as birthday or Christmas presents) or turn them into something NEW!

Riri X

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